OALF -2016 Inaugural

OALF - 2016, Day-1, Session-1: Future of Cinema

OALF-2016, Day-1, Session-2: Poetry Reading

OALF-2016, Day-1, Session-3: Future of Short-fiction

OALF-2016, Day-1, Session-4: Problems in Staging our Plays

OALF-2016, Day -2, Session-5: Woes of Young Publishers in Regional Languages

OALF-2016, Day -2, Session-6: Poetry Reading

OALF-2016, Day -2, Session-7: Odia Novels in ICU ?

OALF-2016, Day -2, Session-8: Literature and Religion

OALF-2016, Day -2, Session-9: Translating Odisha